Our Custom Labels for Craft Beer

Our Custom Labels & Vancouver Craft Beer Week:

Vancouver Craft Beer Week starts this Friday, May 29th and you need to be there.  Why would you want to trek down to beautiful Vancouver on a (forecasted) sunny day to meet interesting people and taste delicious beer?  Well, it’s either to see the custom beer labels we have printed or it’s to meet some of our team!

Here at Summit Print, we often create custom labels for craft beer for some of BC’s best breweries/microbreweries and are “forced” to taste rich, flavorful, amazing craft beers (It’s a hard job…but somebody has to do it). To support our customers, we are excited to be attending some of the festivities and look forward to tasting our favourite classics and new contenders!

Aside from the 30+ breweries and vast selection of beers that are going to be available, you may also be interested in some of the events that are going to be hosted at local pubs, restaurants and venues. From beer trivia to “Sour Sessions” there is surely something for everybody. Several of the events are almost sold out, so we would suggest buying your tickets pronto!

If you are attending this event, keep a lookout for our Summit Print representatives! We would be happy to answer any custom label or packaging questions you may have. As CAMRA members and co-sponsors of the event’s exclusive Campfire beer labels, we are quite excited for this event and all things beer!

For more information, visit the Vancouver Craft Beer Week website.