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Crowd Funding Designs:

It’s official. Crowd Funding-inception has happened.  Having recently discovered an interesting website,, it is apparent that the concept of crowd funding has been applied to a design model.

Variations of crowd funding have been surfacing, including anything from donating towards a newlywed’s honeymoon, to funding an innovative product.  However, DesignCrowd has come up with a clever idea that uses the theory of a crowd funding campaign and applies it to a creative concept. Basically, the ‘crowd’ contributes designs, logos and artistic ideas rather than money.

The way it works is a company or individual will post a brief description of their project needs (which can be anything from a t-shirt design to a new company logo), and a monetary value will be placed on the design task. Then, interested parties (an average of 102 designers/project) will create and submit their designs to compete for 1st place, ultimately winning the design money.  

This allows the company or individual to receive tons of fresh designs to choose from without having to outsource a design company.

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What are your thoughts on design crowd funding?  It is a quick resource for small businesses and startups, or, is a viable alternative to hiring a pricey design firm?

There are many additional features to DesignCrowd, from feedback and revision opportunities to setting deadlines.  Take a look at this design challenge for a small bakery in the U.K.