Why Digital Printing?


Some people ask us…why digital? And we say, why not? Just kidding, we don’t say that. What we do say is that digital printing is revolutionary technology that has completely transformed the print industry. Not only was it created by some of the world-leaders in printing technology, but we were also the first label and packaging company to go digital over 11 years ago! In comparison to traditional print methods, digital print:

  • Is more cost efficient (on medium-short runs)
  • Has better colour-producing capabilities
  • Reduces lead times significantly
  • Can print variable text (numbers, sequencing codes, symbols etc.)
  • Provides the ability to perform accurate proofing
  • Allows for easier customization and changes
  • Reduces waste through efficiency.
  • Never loses color registration
  • Doesn’t require you to compromise your designs with trapping.

A great example of how effective digital printing can be is shown by the “Refresh” film pouches that we just created with Katalyst Kreative.

Hoping to achieve bright, eye-catching colours for their endurance sports drink mixes, Refresh and Katalyst Kreative were optimistic that we could come close. With the use of our HP Indigo press, we were able to surpass their colour expectations and provide colour-rich packages that best represented their brand.

“I just wanted to thank all of you for getting such great colour on the Refresh Labels. They look great! So happy that the colour over the silver came out so nicely. The colours look brighter than I had expected! Your pigments look brighter than the standard CMYK offset.”

– Kathy Kebarle – Principal Graphic Designer – Katalyst Kreative

Digital Printing - Refresh Labels


Want to learn more about the benefits of digital printing?  Feel free to contact us!