EcoSolve® Natural Products ( was developed with the ambitious goal to provide the industrial and general marketplace with the most effective, non-hazardous cleaning solutions that are safe, natural, and effective, while being produced with 100% organic ingredients.  Made from a natural plant extract from the bark of banana trees, EcoSolve does not contain any chemicals, alcohol, petrochemicals, solvents, ammonia, bleach, phosphates or perfumes. It contains 98% purified water and 2% plant extract.  Dedicated to environmental sustainability, their aim is to revolutionize the cleaning products industry one market at a time.

When EcoSolve’s President and CEO, James Spack, approached Summit Print in late 2013, he was in the middle of designing the packaging for his natural products and needed help with prototyping his labels to show potential industrial and retail customers.  We provided Mr. Spack with high-quality digital labels within days so that he could have shelf-ready products prepared for important client meetings.  With our help, EcoSolve successfully gained a strong following of industrial and retail customers within months.  Mr. Spack is now in full production mode and looks forward to a brighter and cleaner future thanks to his line of eco-friendly natural cleaning products.  Summit Print is proud to be associated with EcoSolve and shares the company’s vision of environmental sustainability.

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