EcoZero - A Sustainable Future

EcoZero – A Sustainable Future


7BS9lU_w_400x400Summit Print is excited to be introducing the following company to you, as they have truly mastered zero waste in support of a greener environment.  EcoZero, a Metro Vancouver company, is making a difference towards a sustainable future with every transaction they make.

This unique and innovative company partners with restaurants and food service companies all across the Lower Mainland collecting their used cooking oil and cleaning their kitchen catch basins (called grease traps). All liquid oil waste they collect is recycled into locally-made, clean burning biofuels such as biodiesel and biogas.

They have adopted a model similar to recycling depots – for every litre of oil they collect, they pay their customers a set amount. The more oil EcoZero collects, the more money their customer receives. By doing so, the food waste ends up becoming a revenue stream for their customers’ and puts their social conscience at ease by supporting a greener environment.

EcoZero is making an impact towards a sustainable future for the planet and hopes that more restaurants hear about them. They are truly champions of zero waste!

For more information, please visit their website at: or call them at 604-945-8864.