Font Pairing


When designing a product label, it can be extremely daunting to choose an appropriate font. Even though it may seem like a minute part of the design process, a font carries the burden of providing duality to a label while complementing the graphics. Additionally, the font also helps establish the tone of a brand or product.

What’s more difficult than choosing a font…is choosing two or three! As many experienced designers will tell you, it is important to use different fonts/sizes when there are various titles, text or content on a label. However, not all fonts pair well together.

Instead of going through each font one by one to see what ‘looks good’ (as many of us do), we thought we would save you some time by sharing ‘The Ultimate Guide To Font Pairing’ from Canva. They have masterfully paired 30 different fonts and have even suggested which sizes to use for enhancing the pairing.

One of our favourite couplings from this list is the ‘Industrial Cool’ combination. Not only are the fonts bold, strong and distinguishable from a distance, but they also make for a great craft beer label.


Industrial Cool


So before you spend two hours going through every font that your design program has to offer, check out ‘The Ultimate Guide To Font Pairing’ as it may save you some time! (It’s also very handy for other projects so be sure to keep it accessible!).