In recent years, the craft beer industry in North America has become extremely popular and continues to flourish. With home breweries, microbreweries and craft breweries opening up all over greater Vancouver and British Columbia, the modest market that it once was has completely evolved into a thriving industry.

While commercial beer and craft beer are both in the liquor industry, they have very different requirements for branding, labelling, and packaging. From application and design to recyclability and quality needs – there are many aspects to consider.

Craft beer is similar to people; they come into your life for a season (Pumpkin Ale), a reason (Anniversary Stout) or a lifetime (Original Lager). In order to create an effective label, you need to understand the purpose of the beer. Designing a craft beer label can be both a science and an art form. If you would like our assistance designing or producing your next runs, please feel free to give us a call or stop by our office.

We have over 60 clients in the craft beer industry, as well as an in-house beer-label specialist who would be happy to help you!

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