The grocery industry is completely multi-faceted as it covers a wide-spread breath of products. From meats, beverages and dairies to vegetables, spices and baked goods – it is important to identify how each sub-category within the grocery industry has its own specific needs.

When you last visited a grocery store, you may or may not have noticed how many competing products there are in every single aisle. Like you, most shoppers either know what they are looking for or they are drawn to what catches their eye (despite what product may actually be better).

Taking colours, graphics, fonts and shapes into deep consideration for grocery labels is a wise decision, but you should also be considering other things such as shelf positioning, visibility, image-association and consumer attention spans. Additionally, we suggest that you also consider:

  • – Temperature fluctuations (refrigerated/frozen products)
  • – Durability (to withstand the production chain)
  • – Sizing (scannable barcode sizes, legible text etc.)
  • – Cover-up labels (cost-efficient alternative to re-prints)
  • – Security labels (to cover the products seal lip/lids)

The Vancouver Grocery Label Experts

We’ve worked with enough grocery products and companies to know that a seamless and integrated supply chain is also crucial. With our short turn around times and our dedicated label printing customer service team, we know how to get things done right and on-time. Give us a call today or stop by our Greater Vancouver office for some grocery label advice.

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