Despite what many people think, the Nutraceutical industry is quite different than the Pharmaceutical industry as it follows a different set of regulations and targets a different market. While the average consumer might not see the difference between the two industries, we certainly do.

What it comes down to is the fine line between health products and medicinal products. Nutraceuticals are considered health products and are generally used to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle and are not generally prescribed by a doctor (vitamins, minerals, etc.), whereas Pharmaceuticals are considered medicinal products and are prescribed by a doctor as a treatment to improve a person’s quality of life (serums, vaccines, drugs, etc.). Additionally, Pharmaceuticals are FDA regulated and follow strict security measures as they can be harmful if they are not taken properly.

This being said, the communication strategies of both industries are quite different as they are appealing to two different market segments. This is ultimately translated through their labels and packaging.

Like many other industries, the rules and regulations surrounding Nutraceutical products are constantly changing, so it can be extremely beneficial to print your nutraceutical labels/packaging with a strategic partner who understands your needs.

Summit Print’s innovative digital printing methods provide many benefits, including the ability to:

  • – Print fewer quantities of more SKU’s to keep inventory costs down.
  • – Use extended content labels to fit excessive regulatory information on small bottles.
  • – Order smaller, more efficient runs to help reduce wasted inventory due to changes in industry regulations/label requirements.
  • – Incorporate a Just-in-time shipping method to help clear warehouse/storage space.


Looking For Vancouver Nutraceutical Label Printing?

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