KICS Lemonade - The Way It Used To Be

KICS Lemonade – The Way It Used To Be


11127873_851037341637722_8399541783568109395_nDo you remember those hot summer days from when you were a kid and your mom would make you a refreshing cup of sweet, delicious lemonade…the way it used to be? Well, if you are as nostalgic as we are then you are going to love Kics Lemonade.

Not only do they produce some of the most sensational lemonade syrups, but they also have a variety of other citric-based products that are all full of natural flavours.

Karen Curtis, owner of Kics Lemonade, started the company with her mother over 15 years ago as an opportunity to spend more time with one another. With only one product and one flavour, they sold their lemonade syrup at various local markets and quickly became a crowd favourite.
10988542_947679951917932_2998663735555452912_nIn 2007, Karen’s mom regrettably passed away and left behind an amazing legacy at the local markets. With the support of friends and family, Karen made a commitment to continue this legacy and build upon their success. With 6 lemonade syrups, 5 marmalades, 3 lemon curds, 1 chutney and 4 salad dressings, Kics Lemonade has established itself as a local favourite in the Tri-Cities and Greater Vancouver Area. Local breweries are even sourcing their lemonade syrups to produce their Raddler beverages (beer + lemonade)!

Karen has been a valued client of Summit Print since 2012 when she sought out labels that best reflected her brand and quality. Over the past few years, we have supported Karen and her company’s growth by producing high quality, visually impactful labels with quick turnaround times.   21984_947679865251274_8969786126794363613_n

“The businesses I deal with are critical to my success. They share their knowledge and expertise so readily. Summit Print has gone above and beyond to help me keep this going!”

We recommend checking out the Kics Lemonade website as well as Karen’s “Market Fresh” column in the Tri-City News!

(Fun Fact: The little girl on the Kics Lemonade logo is actually Karen’s mom from 1936!)