Label Design; The Psychology of Colours

Label Design; The Psychology of Colours


Did you know that the colour Red increases enthusiasm and encourages action, while Yellow instills optimism? Or that the colour Purple calms nerves and Green alleviates anxiety?Colours-Mean-Brands1

The psychology of colour is an interesting thing; it can subliminally communicate different feelings, moods and emotions to a person, as well as affect their behaviour. Why is this information important to you? Well, if you can effectively strategize the colours of your labels or packaging, you may be able to influence your target markets purchasing decision.

The study “Exciting Red and Competent Blue” notes that purchasing intent is vastly influenced by colour due to its power of communicating brand personality. Further, colour is one of the most important parts of a product due to its recognizability to a consumer. Although individual experiences can vastly affect a colour’s meaning, general ideologies can be assumed across the masses, like how the combination of red and green reminds us of Christmas.

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1400104173-psychology-color-marketing-branding-personality-men-women-chartBased on the study “Impact of Colour In Marketing”, researchers found that 90% of people’s snap judgments about a product were based solely on colour. Another study showed that in general, men preferred shades of colours (where black was added to colours) while women were more responsive to tints of colour (where white was added to colours).

So the next time you are designing a new product or revamping a product line, you may want to brush up on your colour-psychology and incorporate a strategy from ROY G BIV’s arsenal.

Want to learn more? Take a gander at ‘The Psychology of Colour in Marketing and Branding’ article in Entrepreneur Magazine or ‘How Humans React to Different Colours’ article in the Digital Synopsis.1400101835-psychology-color-marketing-branding-personality-men-women-shades-tints


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