Natural Products; Redesign & Redefine

Burt's Bees

Over the past few years, the health and wellness industry has taken off with an increasing demand for natural products. As consumers become more educated in the matter, the need for healthy alternatives increases and the competition for customer’s attention escalates.


With new regulations and rivalry surfacing consistently, how can your marketing budget compete? Do you simply maintain your brand image for nostalgic shoppers and budget reservations? Or, do you consider a marketing overhaul?

If you feel that your products are drowning in a sea of similarity, you may want to consider the idea of redesigning your packaging.  Not only is it a more economical option, but it also allows you to directly target new and emerging markets.  Yes, the risk of losing loyal customers for a new potential market can be daunting, but losing your shelf space may be more than enough reason to go for a bold new look.

In the article “Natural Products Branding and Packaging Redesign”, it details how redesigning packaging is an effective way to stay relevant and competitive. If you are interested in the idea, you may find the 7-tips that the article provides to be quite helpful!