Packaging Design Trends For 2016

Packaging Design Trends For 2016


With 2016 having kicked off only two weeks ago, we can confidently say that the ‘New Year, New Me’ concept will last a bit longer with packaging designs than it will with most gym resolutioners.

Esko, one of the industry leaders in print software, has released 5 forecasted packaging design trends for 2016 and we can concur that these trends are already being implemented with many consumer goods.


Student Project – Kirkland Signature Redesign

Below are five design trends for 2016:

1) CONVENIENCE: Consumers in 2016 will be more inclined to purchase products that are convenient for their lifestyle, whether that be light packaging or the ability to reseal.

2) TRANSPARENCY: This year, consumers will literally want to see what they are buying. See-through windows, clear packaging and detailed product descriptions will affect the purchasing decision.


Tapped – Organic Birch Water

3) REDUCED-SIZE: With smaller households and the need for convenience, shoppers will be looking for portion-controlled goods, single-serve products, individually contained multi-packs, easy grab-and-go items and much more.

4) MILLENNIALS: The millennial shoppers are in a league of their own, with their desire for fresh, health and wholesome products guiding their purchasing decisions. It is important for packaging and labels to reflect these qualities.


Hippie Chow – All Natural Granola Mix

5) SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainability and eco-friendly packaging will continue to grow in importance during 2016 as consumers become more educated in the matter. Recycled packaging and relevant graphics are things to consider.

We hope these packaging design trends help you with your next product designs! If you would like to learn more about these trends, please feel free to contact us !

All the best in 2016!