Secret Santa Charity Challenge

Secret Santa Charity Challenge



This year, the Summit Print team thought it would be a fun and rewarding idea to host a Secret Santa charity challenge!

Each Summit Print team member had to buy a children’s present that they felt best reflected another staff members personality or interests…some of the gifts were way too funny (and accurate!).

In addition to all the fun we had, we were also able to donate a ton of great games and toys to the Share Society for this Christmas.

Here are the toys we donated and the reasoning behind them:

IMG_6793Matt S. – A toy plane for his first corporate jet!

Colin – The Hulk (with bionic parts!) because of his passion for health and fitness

Catherine – A jewellery set for her ability to accessorize everything

Dawn – ‘Operation’…because she just had knee surgery!

Melissa – ‘Perfection’ because she has a keen eye for detail

Ray – HotWheels, suitable for the car buff

Matt L. – Kid’s watches for his watch addiction

Jordan – A light-up hockey net for the hockey fanatic

Andie – A big stuffed dog because she loves puppies

Jonathan – Malibu Ken because they dress alike

Gerald – Connect 4 for his strategic thinking

Ryan – A lego race-car because he likes to build things

Kenny – Monster trucks and cars for his automotive passion

Nikki – A ‘Baby Alive’ because she loves kids

Victoria – A stuffed Rudolph toy because she is so cheerful and energetic
IMG_6794 (1)Jon – A dress-up teddy bear, to match his stuffed desk-bear

Shawna – A plush Olaf toy for the real-life Summit Print Disney Princess

Mimi – An art set because she is a talented artist

Anton – A Homer Simpson Mr.Potato Head for his goofy sense of humour

Cole – A toy workshop for his woodworking passion

Jordan – A lego action figure for the StarWars fan!

In addition to all the toys we donated, we also contributed two full bins of food and a $300 cash donation for charity.

IMG_6800 (1)




We wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and an enjoyable winter holiday!