Foil stamping
is the process of heating a custom die onto a metallic foil material which is then adhered to a label, giving the label a raised/metallic accent.

Foil stamping is most often used by luxury brands and premium products as it is an optional secondary process to printing the label. Wine, spirits, and nutraceutical companies often incorporate foil stamping into their labels as an embellishment to signify high-quality and opulence. It is also used as a marketing tool as it draws a consumers line of sight to a product due to its metallic sheen and 3-dimensional visual.

While foil-stamping may provide a superior visual to a label, it is also important to consider the costs and time needed to produce such an embellishment.

If you are looking for a cost-efficient alternative to foil stamping, we highly recommend a¬†Metallic Bopp material. The Metallic Bopp material is a fraction of the cost and can provide a similar metallic sheen. It doesn’t provide a raised feeling like a foil stamp, but it gives the illusion of one.

If you would like to learn more about foil stamping and our Metallic Bopp material, call us today!