Major Businesses in Vancouver BC

This article is the third in a series of articles about the city of Vancouver by label and sticker printing company Summit Print Corporation. This article is about major businesses in the city of Vancouver. The previous two articles in this series are Climate in Vancouver and History of Vancouver.

City of Vancouver at night
City of Vancouver at Night. By Tchang 253 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Vancouver is quite the city, part of British Columbia and one of Canada’s finest. Are you familiar with some of the top companies and employers in Vancouver? Some companies are located in Vancouver, and then there are the businesses that are based in Vancouver. It’s necessary to differentiate between the two, as you want to recognize the companies that call Vancouver home.

Of course, if you look at all the businesses that are based in this major city, you’re going to be blown away. There are going to be likely plenty of names you don’t even recognize, such as Propaganda Games, Flying Wedge Pizza, and Advance Gold. Perhaps you do know one of those companies, but there are surely much larger businesses in the area. For example, have you heard of Glacier Media?

Glacier Media is a powerhouse company in Canada, albeit possibly a dated one. Why? Well, they are known for and respected as being part of the newspaper publishing industry. Did you know that this company used to have its hand in the bottled water industry? Of all things, that is how it decided to branch out, although that is no longer the case. In fact, it’s been almost 20 years since the company has handled bottled water.

Vancouver is Known as Hollywood North

Deadpool was filmed in Vancouver in 2015

Deadpool was filmed in Vancouver in 2015. By [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

There are plenty of other top companies based in Vancouver, and there are also other things you might want to know about the city’s economy. For example, you wouldn’t believe how many television shows and movies are filmed there. It happens so often in fact that the town has a nickname, which is Hollywood North. You also have to take a look at the companies that are seeing fast growth, particularly within the technology sector.

A Technology Hub

For example, there is Maximizer Software. Remember, it’s not just about the companies that are based in Vancouver but also companies that do business in Vancouver. Surely you’ve heard of IBM and Microsoft. Next, don’t just look at the fastest growing companies headquartered in Vancouver, but you also want to look at firms that are household names and just starting out. In other words, check out the startups that are also considered to be poised for tremendous growth.

Hootsuite is Based in Vancouver

Hootsuite Logo

For example, you’ve heard of HootSuite, right? HootSuite is a Vancouver-based company. You might not recognize the company MDA at first mention, but you should know that it’s a company that is known for space and defense projects. HSBC Canada is headquartered in Vancouver, so they have the financial sector covered as well. That’s quite a few companies so far, and that’s just the beginning if you keep looking.

Greenpeace Was Originally Based Here

Have you heard of Greenpeace? This company is a global company, and while it’s no longer headquartered in Vancouver, it used to be. Are you ready to find out about some more company names you might recognize? How about Allude Entertainment, or how about Hastings Mill?

Have you heard about Hothead Games and Blackbird Interactive? Klei Entertainment, Relic Entertainment, and Redback Mining are a few others. These that have been mentioned as of late are all headquartered in Vancouver. The list goes on and on as you can see. Which of the major businesses in Vancouver BC do you know of that haven’t been mentioned yet? There are surely some names, as there are just so many.

Let’s look at a few more of the companies base in Vancouver. Major businesses include Jim Pattison Group, Killawatt Records, SoftQuad Software and Concord Pacific Developments. Surely throughout the next several years, even more, major companies will be based in Vancouver as well.