History of Vancouver BC

This article is the second in a series of articles about the city of Vancouver by Summit Print Corporation - Exceptional Labels. This article is about the history of the city of Vancouver. Our first article was about the Climate in Vancouver.
Panoramic view of the city of Vancouver in 1898

Panoramic view of the City of Vancouver in 1898 – credit: Wikimedia.org

One of the most popular cities in all of Canada, Vancouver is cherished for its beautiful locale. It is well-regarded for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a place people like to visit all the time.

It is always nice to take a look at the history of a city such as this that has a big part to play in what Canada is all about.

Let’s take a look at its history and what it has offered the world over the years and how it became what it is now.

Principal Place For Trade Routes In Early Years

What was the reason for this city growing to what it has right now? It always had to do with the location. It is a coastal city, and that was important back in the day more than anything else.

  • Those who were trading with the nation wanted to make sure they had easy access, and the waters provided this with ease.
  • They were able to come in and get the resources as required.
  • Trades were simple enough, and that is important when it comes to the city’s growth and development.
  • A lot of its early income was coming from these trade routes.

Used By First Nations Group 10000 Years Ago

It all began around 8000-10000 years ago according to those who have dug up ruins and seen some of the land. They state there was a First Nations group that was present in the area a long time ago, and they were the ones who found this land first.

  • The First Nations group used to reside in these lands, and many ruins have been found to indicate this.
  • It was later on where other settlers from around the world came around and started to look at this region of the nation and what it had to provide.

Canadian Pacific Railway

Canadian Pacific Railway crew near Vancouver in 1881

Canadian Pacific Railway crew near Vancouver in 1881 – Credit: Wikimedia.org.

The CPR or Canadian Pacific Railway was built from one end of the nation to the other. The goal was to spread the wealth from all provinces and interconnect them together as a means to make it easier to travel and trade.

  • It is one of the biggest projects that was completed in the early 1900s by Canada and is still one that is used to this day.
  • It has an important role in Canadian history, and it all stemmed from Vancouver.
  • The city was one of the reasons why this was a necessary addition to the Canadian government.

Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser, Vancouver Canada Explorer

Simon Fraser, Vancouver Canada Explorer – Credit: Wikimedia.org.

He was the first European to come to the area from abroad. He was navigating the waters and looking for a new location near the coast. This was the city he found when he first arrived.

  • He named the river after his name.
  • Settlements were put in place as time went on and this is why Simon Fraser is a name that is seen all over the city. There is a university named after him as well now.

This is what Vancouver and its history have to offer those who are looking to learn a lot about this coastal city. It is one of those locations that stands out on the map as it has beautiful weather to offer and some attractions as well.

Those who enjoy Vancouver will know this is a city that is a big part of what Canada brings to the world whether it is through trade routes or general tourism.

It is just as important as Montreal and Toronto when it comes to Canadian cities and what they provide to the nation.