Major Professional Sports Teams In Vancouver

This article is the fourth in a series of articles about the city of Vancouver by Summit Print Corporation - the Vancouver label printing experts. This article is about the major sports teams of the city of Vancouver. Our first article was about the Climate in Vancouver, Our second article was about the History of Vancouver, and our third article was about Businesses in Vancouver


Canucks vs King

The first thing that people think of when they think Vancouver sports teams is the Vancouver Canucks since Canada is known for their hockey. While the Canucks are the most famous major sports team in town, Vancouver is now home to Major League Soccer’s the Vancouver Whitecaps. In this article, we will look at the two major professional sports teams in Vancouver.

The Vancouver Canucks have been in the National Hockey League since 1970. The franchise has reached the finals of the Stanley Cup three times but has not been able to lift the cup once. The Canucks last made the Stanley Cup finals in 2011, where they fell short to the Boston Bruins.

The Canucks failure to win the cup in 2011 led to some unfortunate riots in Vancouver. It raises questions whether frustrated Vancouver fans would have also rioted if the Canucks had prevailed. Vancouver has not won a championship in any of the major sports.

For the 2015-2016 NHL Season, the Canucks had a losing record of 31-38-13 finishing with 75 points. The Canucks finished second to last in the Pacific Division, and they failed to earn a playoff spot. The Canucks two leading scorers were the Sedin brothers. Left Winger Daniel Sedin finished with 61 points, while center Henrik Sedin finished with 55 points.

The goalie for the Canucks is former Olympian Ryan Miller. Even though Miller finished with a losing record, he finished with a solid average of only giving up 2.70 goals per game.

The Canucks could use some more physical play if they want to return to the playoffs. Vancouver has always had the reputation of being a bit of a finesse team. For hockey success, it’s vital to have some big nasty defensemen to check the opposing team’s forwards against the boards. It’s also important to have a few roughnecks, who will fight to protect the Sedin brothers.

Following the loss of the NBA’s Vancouver Grizzlies, when the Grizzlies moved to Memphis, the Canucks had been the only major professional sports team for many years. This changed in 2011, when Major League Soccer awarded Vancouver an expansion team, the Vancouver Whitecaps.BC_Place_2011

The Vancouver Whitecaps have not won any Major League Soccer championships so far. They have reached the playoffs twice in their short existence. The Whitecaps were defeated by the Los Angeles Galaxy in the play-in round in 2012. In 2014, the Whitecaps returned to the playoffs and were beaten by FC Dallas by a score of 2-1.

This year the Whitecaps are currently sixth in the Western Conference with a record of 8-6-9. The Whitecaps leading scorer this season is midfielder Pedro Morales, who has six goals so far. Goalkeeper David Ousted has been solid in goal and has only had one game where he has conceded more than two goals all season.

Vancouver fans will likely have to keep waiting a while for their first major sports title. The Canucks are rebuilding and are on the decline as the Sedin brothers are aging. The Whitecaps are still not one of the big boys in Major League Soccer. Vancouver does have a successful Canadian Football League team, the BC Lions, who have won the Grey Cup six times in their history.

For Vancouver sports fans, nothing would be sweeter than seeing the Canucks rise and win Lord Stanley’s cup. In 2011, the Canucks had the best record in all of the Hockey. It will take some major player acquisitions for the Canucks to get back to the top of the Western Conference. It would be perfect for Vancouver, and for hockey if they can, as Vancouver has very passionate fans.